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Flat Rate Repair.


Average Repair Turn Around Time Based on Working Days. The price below are old. Please call for the most current costs.
* From Receipt to Shipment

A&D is continuously developing service programs that offer the fastest, most cost effective method of repair to get your balance back in service promptly.

Most repairs received by A&D are now done under the Flat Rate Repair Policy.  Only balances that are not on the flat rate repair list to the left will be given an estimates.

A&D offers:

Even the paperwork is easy:

    1. Call A&D Customer Service at 800-726-3364 and ask for an RGA number.  Prior to returning the balance, A&D may troubleshoot by phone with you to determine whether the problem can be fixed without returning the unit.
    2. If the balance can't be fixed over the phone an RGA number will be issued.  Please write this RGA number on the shipping label to expedite your repair.
    3. Issue a check payable to "A&D Weighing" for the flat rate listed in the table associated with your model balance.
    4. Ship the balance to the A&D address the Customer Service Representative specifies.  We recommend you always insure the parcel being shipped for it's full value.

Terms & Conditions:

    1. Prices are subject to change without notice.
    2. Replacements for missing parts, components and accessories are not included in the prices.
    3. In the event A&D is able to repair the balance in two hours or less with minor parts, a reduced flat rate of $175.00 will be charged.
    4. The Flat Rate Repair Prices only applies to balances A&D feels are in repairable condition.
    5. Warranty for repairs is 6 months

We have outlined some additional selling points you should consider to reinforce that A&D is "Clearly a Better Value"

Add it all up and A&D Weighing products are "Clearly a Better Value"

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