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See the GF-Series -All the features of the GX but without internal cal

New GX Series

Fast, Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS) gives you
the ultimate in response speed - Just ONE Second!


What's Super Hybrid?

"Super" means that it exceeds all its predecessors in all aspects of performance and accuracy.

"Hybrid" means A&D has taken the best aspects of two technologies and merged them into one.  To achieve the celebrated results of the SHS, they combined magnetic force restoration and single-point parallelogram load sensing technologies.  Magnetic force restoration ensures extraordinarily high resolution and sensitivity in light-capacity weighing.  Single point parallelogram technology ensures durability and speed.  The combination of these technologies facilitates the elimination of all but three of the traditional eleven flexures found in balances using traditional magnetic force restoration.  By eliminating virtually all of the flexures SHS eliminates the most significant contributor of temperature-induced drift.  The GX Series -- setting the the pattern for the next generation of balances by meeting your design criteria.  Learn more about how SHS technology work in detail here.

SHS is the next generation in force restoration technology giving you:

Lightning fast weighing results in just 1 second on fast setting (33% quicker than the HF-Series.)  Ideal for feeding/batching applications needing accurate, fast results.  The GX-Series is your answer for filling machines installations.  Fast Measurement Speed-No time wasted waiting for the display to settle.  Just one second, an amazing response speed!No other balance compares to the speed of the GX-Series.  The data below clearly shows when time is money, the GX-Series is your true money saving precision weighing machine!

TEST 1 Resolution 1mg. Model (Load and unload 200g. mass)


Manufacturer Model Stabilization Time(Actual) Catalog Specification
A&D GX600 1.1 second Approx. 1 sec.
Mettler PG503- 1.7 Second 1~2.5 sec.
Mettler PB303-S 2.0 seconds 2 sec.

TEST 2 Resolution 10mg. Model (Load and unload 2000g. mass)


Manufacturer Model Stabilization Time(Actual) Catalog Specification
A&D GX6100 1.1 second Aprox. 1 sec.
Sartorius BP3100S 1.2 second 1.5 sec.
Mettler PG5002 1.8 second 1~2 sec.


Measurement Conditions   
1. Used the same mass and loaded and unloaded it several times. Considered
 stabilized after the stabilization annunciator appeared and showed the readable measurement. Used a stop watch, measured several times and worked out the average.

2. Changed all the balances settings to fastest stability.

3. Used 200g. mass for 1mg. type and 2kg. for 10mg. type.

Note: Testing & data was provided by A&D Weighing. For additional information on how the testing was performed and the sample test weights please contact A&D at 408-263-5333.


Enhanced readability and reliability.  The unique design (patent pending) has greatly simplified the structure of the weighing modules by reducing the flexure mechanism from 11 in the HF-Series to only 3 in its predecessor the GX-Series.  These flexures are small metallic pieces that limit movement in a force restoration assembly. 

No hassles budgeting for high service or maintenance cost, thanks to A&D's newly developed sensor, the Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS).  The SHS is rugged and accurate and reliable.  And most importantly, it is easily serviced or repaired.  Unlike other sensors, which have lever systems as an integral part of the whole sensor, with SHS we can isolate and repair the portion damaged, thus minimizing the repair or service costs and downtime. 

Easy-one-touch calibration with motor-driven internal calibration standard.  The GX-Series performs self calibration automatically if the change in ambient temperature is detected.  Other manufacturers charge you extra for the internal calibration, ie Ohaus Explorer and Voyager Series.

Don't forget our favorite feature - All GX-Series come standard with a built in RS-232c interface and WinCT balance communication software on CD-ROM.  Easy PC connectivity enables you to hook up the GX to a PC.  You can also connect several GX balances to a PC if you use a USB/RS-232C converter and USB Hubs.  If you use A&D's WinCT Software, which is bundled with every GX, you can import the data from your GX to many Windows applications using RsKey in a jiffy.

Purchase any of the GX-Series with the AD-8121 printer to achieve documentation requirements for most GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) or LIMS balance management requirements.

GLP Print Out
  GLP data includes:
     - Date
     - Balance ID Number
     - Calibration Weight
     - Time

Read more about the GX-Series features & pricing

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