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A&D WinCT Data Communication Software

The Click the image for detail on each sectionA&D "WinCT" delivers technological achievements with the utmost simplicity.  A&D's new "WinCT" software includes two programs (RsCom and RsKey) and is specifically designed for A&D Balances equipped with an RS232C interface and your pc.  The software is compatible with Windows, Window 95, 98 & NT.  Eliminate manual data entries with the WinCT software package and increase your efficiency by providing fast error-free storage of your weighing data directly to your computer.  All A&D GR-Series come standard with RS-232 interface with a WinCT software CD ROM.  You can also download the software online now.  

RsCom allows you to transmit the weighing data using a text file format to a computer via the serial port.  A standard D-sub 25 pin (pin module) serial cable (straight type) is required and you must have a RS-232c port on your computer.  If the computer port is a D-sub 9 you must purchase a 9 to 25 converter (socket module) or purchase the cable from us directly.  A&D software engineers designed RsCom to be versatile yet simply to use by means of a great GUI (graphic user interface) layout.

The RsCom window is divided into basically 7 sections and all modifications are achieved with a press of your mouse button. Drop down boxes, check mark boxes and a click of the function keys makes this software simply to use.

RS-232c configurationOn the top left side of the RsCom window is the setup for the computer's RS-232C interface parameters to adjust to the balance's parameters.  Everything is selected using your mouse and clicking the dropdown arrow to make your selection.  These include:

On the top right side of the RsCom window is the "Manual/Repeat" section.  When "Repeat" box is NOT checked, RsCom acquires data from the balance each time the "Command" key is selected from the RsCom window or the [Print] key Repeat box on the balance is pressed.  The current data transmitted to the computer is displayed text format in the monitor window (large section at the bottom of the RsCom window).  The scroll bar on the right side let's you look at all you data.  The most recent data is also displayed "Received Data" section.

If the "Repeat" box is checked data will be transmitted automatically from the balance at predetermined time intervals.  By simply typing in how many seconds you can acquire a reading automatically without even being there.  Once the predetermined time is meet RsCom with capture the next weight reading and repeat acquiring data in predetermined time interval until you select the "STOP" function with your mouse button.

On the right side below the "Manual/Repeat" section is the "Data Format". This function selects the items displayed with weighing data in the monitor window. They include:

On the right side beneath "Data Format" is the "Received Data".  This displays current data transmitted from the balance.  The data in the "Received Data" Displays most recent data acquiredis displayed in the follow format:

Header: stable header (ST) or unstable header (UT) etc. , whether "+" positive or "-" negative weight, the weight reading followed by a space and then the weighing unit ("g" for grams, "PC" for parts counting, "%" for percent weighing, "oz" for ounces, "lb" for pounds, "ozt" for troy ounce, "ct" for carats, "mom" for mommes, or "dwt" for pennyweight.)

Control your balance from the PC with the command lineOn the right side below the "Received Data" section is "Command Data."   Select a command from pop-down list then use your mouse and click the "Start" button.  Upon clicking the "Start" button your command will be transmitted from the PC to the balance and the balance will perform the command.  Refer to the balance manual for command selections in greater detail.  This feature is really nice since you can perform the following commands:

Located across the midpoint of the RsCom window are the function keys.  These are pretty much self explanatory.Function keys

Monitor windowFinally at the bottom of the window is the "window monitor" where the data is displayed.


Note: I performed some testing of my own to see how much data I could capture using RsCom in a 60 second time interval.  I used a A&D EK4000H-C and configured the data output function on the balance to "Stream Mode" which data is outputted continuously.  I was able to acquire 316 samples in a 60 second period.  This is an amazing amount of data collecting for people attempting to collect weight loss/or gain over time.  A&D really makes a great product and best of all the WinCT software is free to use when you on a A&D balance with the RS232c interface.  Download a copy now!

Click here to download WinCT or check out RsKey now. All this great software can only be used when you buy a A&D Balance with the RS232C module. Check out the A&D line we offer.

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